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1lb shelled Tennessee Pecans - Reelfoot Herbals

Reelfoot Herbals

1lb shelled Tennessee Pecans


This is 1 pound of shelled pecans that come from our own trees here at Reelfoot Herbals.

These are 2015 pecans that have been stored for freshness. Anyone in TN selling pecans right now, are selling 2015 pecans. Pecans are not ready to harvest till after a hard frost/freeze. TN has not experienced a frost this season, much less a freeze. Harvest time for pecans in TN is usually around mid November.

Our pecans are organically grown, absolutely no spraying we let nature do its thing. However we are not certified to call these organic pecans.

These pecans come from trees that are 50 years old.

Pecan trees produce a large crop every other year. We had a large crop in 2015, that means our trees will not produce a large crop till the fall of 2017. Once these are gone, we will not restock till after Thanksgiving of 2017.

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