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12 oz 100% Beeswax Container Candle - Reelfoot Herbals

Reelfoot Herbals

12 oz 100% Beeswax Container Candle


This is a kerr 12 oz canning jar.

Plan to write a blog explaining how to clean all the wax out of a container. If you are like me, love the idea of being able to reuse the jar for a later purpose.

Four different colors of wax right now. Have 3 pictured in the separate picture, lighter middle and darker. For right now only the lighter and the darkest of the dark in the 8 oz kerr jars. That may change at any time.

All four smell sweet and all four are 100% beeswax. The difference in the coloring is the time of the year, and the heat the wax reaches during processing. It is all personal preference of which one you prefer.

The darkest of the dark, which we are offering in this offering, is darker than our darker pillar candle.

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