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Coming Soon

Coming Soon, more products to get excited about!

Lip Balms, I can't believe I haven't made these yet! I won't dare make any excuses. All I can say is I am extremely disappointed I haven't done this, cause I am almost out of my tube from last year. That is horrible, when I haven't even taken time to make one for myself... Coming soon, my lips are in need!!

Salves, if I don't get this one done before the cold weather sets in, I am going to be disappointed again. I plan to, I plan to, I plan to, I promise!

Massage oil, I came up with a mix that doesn't stain fabric, that a little goes a long way,  absorbs into the skin but not to fast. Will offer this with several eo blends.

Body Butters, many will try to push these out for winter time. My winter lotion is nice and decadent, where as a lotion is based on water, a body butter is based on oils. So a body butter may be a little more greasy. Don't let that fool you about my winter lotion, that stuff is awesome. The body butter I make is a high percentage of Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter! Stuff smells so good that when I first got the cocoa butter in, I actually tasted it, ha. I had my husband taste some also, yep it taste like chocolate. Don't eat the body butter though, cause I will have eos in there. :)

Soy Candles, oh dear. I can't believe I haven't got this one done either. I plan to have pillars, and container. Both with essential oils.

I have a few milk baths ready to go, I keep forgetting. I intend to have some bath salts, and bath teas for you all soon as well.