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About us

Picture was taken from my driveway here in Union City, TN this past Saturday evening October 15th, 2016 .

Reason I started this business is several years back I was found to have multiple sclerosis. I have constant neuropathy all down my right side. Some on my left, but not like it is on my right.

They do not know what causes MS. That lead me on the path to ridding synthetics out of my home. I was replacing the big name brand products. I never skimped on my washing products, I didn't even think about buying generic cause they usually end up costing you more. Sooo to go from the good stuff to making my own, I had to please myself first. I refused to go back to synthetic laden products.

If I don't use a product, you best believe I won't sell it. I have spent over a year perfecting and tweaking my recipes. I consider them as good, if not better than the big name brands. Better cause I do not use any synthetics compounds.

I have MS, and I do not draw disability. My doctor labels me as disabled. I know I can't go out there and get a job as others can. This disease is inconsistent. There are weeks and all i have is my neuropathy, that never goes away. Then there are weeks where I struggle with everything, even going to the bathroom. I even wondered if I am capable of opening a business.

My plan is to do what I can on the days I can. Have hubs take care of shipping on days I can't. Thankful for him. However there may be times where things go out of stock. He doesn't make the product.

If you are interested in samples let me know. I am happy to give out samples when you place your order. Just leave a comment in the appropriate section.

I am thankful for all of you! With ya hopefully I won't have to go on disability. Not knocking those who are, I am just tyring to use my talents first. God has blessed me greatly. The least I can do is try to use the talents he has so graciously given me. (matthew 25:14-30)