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100% Soy Candles

We do not use any petroleum products in our soy candles. Just as there is no law on the beeswax candles. There is absolutely no laws or regulations on soy candles. A candle maker can use 2% soy wax in their candle, and still call it Soy, or all natural.

The reason many candle makers add petroleum products to their candles is to either enhance the smell or the looks. Our candles are not perfect to look at, but they are not emitting any crude like emissions in your house either. I guess you have to choose what is important to you.

We also do not add any colorants to our soy candles. The colorants many use are also petroleum based. I have colored candles in the past with herbs, and they were beautiful. However that isn't what we are trying to achieve here.

We want our candles to have the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils. Our beeswax is lovely all by itself, therefore I do not want to add anything to it. For that reason alone I decided to carry soy candles just to have another delivery method for aromatherapy users.