Aleppo 30% with Honey

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The only difference between this one, and the other Aleppo is that this one contains honey.

Aleppo Soap is a soap that has a long history of being an absolutely fine soap. It has a history close to the length of True Castile soap. Some of the very first soaps ever made.

Aleppo Soap originated in the city of Aleppo. The soap was made for 1000's of years and handed down generation after generation. The city is known for its soap. 

Here in the states there are some soap makers that attempt to use the lovely green Laurel Berry Oil that makes Aleppo Soap special. None here in the states can create the authentic of course, but we do try to bring you something comparable.

Aleppo soap is a soap that is gauged depending on the amount of Laurel Berry Oil. The recipe is simple, anywhere between 2-100% Laurel Berry Oil. The name as this one states is 30%, that is simply telling the reader this one contains 30% Laurel Berry Oil. The rest of the oil is always Olive Oil. So the recipe for this soap is 70% Olive Oil, 30% Laurel Berry Oil. 

Laurel Berry oil has its own unique scent. Its lovely green is also what gives this bar its color. No added scents or colors.

Laurel Berry oil cost nearly $25 a pound. Where as most bulk oils cost anywhere from $2-$4 a lb. This along with the long necessary cure of this soap, makes this soap a luxury soap.

After a year of curing this little guy weighs 3.50 ounces.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Water, Lye, Laurel Berry oil, Honey.

INCI: Sodium Olivate, Water, Sodium Laurel Noblis Berryate, Honey.