About Reelfoot Herbals

Reelfoot Herbals was started because I wanted natural skin care products. Truly natural products. At first I was purchasing from a company that actually had natural in the name. The more research I did on their ingredients, I found out that my definition of natural, and their definition of natural was not the same.

My definition of natural is anything that originates from the earth, without adulteration of man made products. Simple enough, so I thought.

According to the USDA, and the FDA the term natural is undefined. Which means anyone can call anything natural and it is not illegal.

So I tried learning the ingredients, googling, and double checking. I was not able to find a company who made skin care products to meet my definition of natural. That means I had to do without, or make them myself. How hard can it be? Heard a veteran soap maker say, "Anyone can make soap, not everyone can make good soap."

Spent a year and a half working on recipes. Tested on myself. Tested on neighbors. Tested on family. Tested and tested. Finally came up with a good solid set of recipes that I was extremely happy with. Bubbles were a must. Soap that left you feeling clean, but not that squeaky almost hurting type of clean. Moisturizing, but not oily.

I wanted products that people could use from head to toe, without issue. There is no one shoe fits all. Some of my products are geared for oily skin, some are geared for dry skin, and some are geared for combo skin. If you have questions, or find it difficult navigating please contact me and just ask me what products would be good for your skin type. All I need to know is if you have oily, dry, combo, or normal skin type. Don't be shy, Ask me!

Member of the American Herbalist Guild. Also a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild. Shop with confidence, and give us a try today. You will be glad you did.